public class


extends Object
   ↳ com.optimizely.integrations.mixpanel.OptimizelyMixpanelIntegration

Class Overview

Root entry point for Optimizely/Mixpanel integration This plugin serves as a demonstration as well as a reference for future plugins. It adds targeting data to the SDK from mixpanel's super properties It adds goal events whenever there's a mixpanel track event (TODO) It adds the Optimizely experiments as super properties on mixpanel events Finally, it fires mixpanel events for Optimizely experiment visitor and conversion events (TODO)


Public Constructors
Public Methods
String evaluateCodeBlock(String blockKey)
boolean evaluateDimensions(String dimensionName, JSONObject condition)
<T> Object evaluateLiveVariable(Class<T> type, String key, T defaultValue)
Application.ActivityLifecycleCallbacks getActivityLifecycleCallbacks()
List<String> getCodeBlocks()
List<String> getDependencies()
List<String> getDimensionNames()
List<String> getLiveVariables()
View.OnTouchListener getOnTouchListener()
OptimizelyEventListener getOptimizelyEventsListener()
String getPluginId()
List<String> getRequiredPermissions(Context context)
List<OptimizelyView> getVisualChangesForActivity(Activity activity, String name)
void reportTrack(String s)
boolean start(Optimizely optimizely, JSONObject config)
void stop()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public OptimizelyMixpanelIntegration ()

Public Methods

public String evaluateCodeBlock (String blockKey)

public boolean evaluateDimensions (String dimensionName, JSONObject condition)

public Object evaluateLiveVariable (Class<T> type, String key, T defaultValue)

public Application.ActivityLifecycleCallbacks getActivityLifecycleCallbacks ()

public List<String> getCodeBlocks ()

public List<String> getDependencies ()

public List<String> getDimensionNames ()

public List<String> getLiveVariables ()

public View.OnTouchListener getOnTouchListener ()

public OptimizelyEventListener getOptimizelyEventsListener ()

public String getPluginId ()

public List<String> getRequiredPermissions (Context context)

public List<OptimizelyView> getVisualChangesForActivity (Activity activity, String name)

public void reportTrack (String s)

public boolean start (Optimizely optimizely, JSONObject config)

public void stop ()