Optimizely Classic Android SDK

Optimizely Classic will sunset on September 30, 2018. Please transition to Optimizely X Full Stack. Have questions? Our support team is here to help.

The Android SDK allows you to create and run experiments in your Android app.

Once the app with the Optimizely SDK is submitted to the App Store, you can run experiments and collect data (and even create new experiments) without re-submitting to the App Store. After you install the SDK in your app, you will be able to log into Optimizely's web application.

As a developer, you can use Optimizely's Classic Android SDK for:

There are three types of changes you can make in Optimizely, one of which (Visual Editor) requires no coding once the SDK is installed. You can make visual changes in our Visual Editor, modify Live Variable values, and control Code Blocks.

Visual Editor

Live Variables

Code Blocks

For more details, check out the following articles:

Here are some resources to help you get started!

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